6 Week Young Athlete Performance Improvement Program

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6 Week Young Athlete Performance Improvement Program

Thank you for your interest in the 6 Week Young Athlete Performance Improvement Program

Program Dates

  • Wednesday (6/28 thru 8/9) 1 -2:30 pm (Grades 9 thru 12)
  • Thursday (6/29 thru 8/10) 1:30 – 2:30 (Grades 5 thru 8)

All athletes want to be on the top of their game, enhance performance and stay injury free. However the pressure to focus on one sport and to play it year-round results in using the same muscle groups day after day. Often there is little time to rest and recover, let alone to get stronger or work on injury prevention. One way to address these hurdles is to add Pilates and Functional Movement training to their program.

This 6 week program can fill in the gap for these young athletes by introducing them to basic body awareness/control; improve alignment, range of motion and flexibility: stronger core while conditioning body and mind; and help protect against injury with faster recovery if one has a set-back.

We will utilize several modalities and equipment in this program ranging from the pilates reformer, tower, spine corrector/arcs to foam rollers, TRX suspension trainers, and Yamuna Body Rolling.

What to Bring

  • Signed Registration
  • Water
  • Towel

Movement Coach Bio: Teri Smith

Teri has been involved with sports and athletics her entire life, so the health and wellness industry was a natural fit. Teri began her journey in the fitness industry over 20 years ago. Her specialities are Pilates and Yamuna Body Rolling, a long time trainer in both disciplines and one of two certified YBR practitioners in Minnesota. With a BS in Psychology and a MA in Higher Education Administration/Counseling and focusing on student athletes her experience expands from career/major advising, recruiting, student athletic advising, and orientation/first year retention programming. She also has 20 years of Coaching HS and Collegiate Co-ed Cheerleading. Several national, regional and state tiles have been accomplished throughout her coaching career. She was a Professional Cheerleader for the National Cheer Association (NCA) and Central Wisconsin Cheer Camps (CWCC) associations.

Teri continues to excel and advance as an athlete by training for American Ninja Warrior Show. She has had the pleasure of being a course tester for both ANW season 8 and season 9. She brings passion and understanding when training athletes has how a balanced body brings out in one athletic performance and longevity in sports.