Friday Happy Hour Classes

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On the first Friday of each month at 5:30 pm The Pilates Body offers a special class with a unique format. Each of these classes is created to be not only a great workout, but also fun! After class stay for wine, appetizers, and great conversation with your fellow Pilates enthusiasts.

Reformer FIT

You will definitely feel the burn. The fusion of advanced Pilates variations and calorie blasting strength training. Reformer FIT is recommended for clients with a minimum of 1-1/2 to 2 years reformer experience. This class is dynamic, fun and fast paced.
Advanced/Athletic level.
Reformer FIT

TRX / Stability Ball Circuit Class

Come see how the TRX suspension trainer works perfectly in harmony with stability balls in a circuit format that will emphasize strength, endurance and core power in one hour. Allow our highly trained instructor to coach you through a workout that will challenge to the core and take your heart to new places!
Come have a ball with Trainer Teri 🙂
TRX With Stability Ball

Tower / Barrels Class

Also known as “the Cadillac”, this piece of equipment uses spring resistance to enhance the original Pilates work. Exercises are performed lying, sitting, kneeling and standing with focus on core strength, muscular balance, breath and building long, lean muscle. This premier piece of equipment also features the roll down bar, and push thru bar to create endless programming challenging the body both bilaterally and unilaterally. A work out like no other.
The barrel enhances breath work, develops the arms and legs, improves posture and massages the lower back.

Pilates / Yamuna Fusion

This class will blend traditional mat Pilates with Yamuna Body Rolling. Benefits will include hipflexor work, abdominal strengthening and lengthening freeing the diaphragm. This class will leave you feeling strong, energized and lengthened from head to toe. Recommended for all levels.
Pilates / Yamuna Fusion

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

This slow flowing Vinyasa class, will emphasis alignment, breath work and feeling strong and expansive in your own body, through breath techniques, multiple posture/poses and mindful movement. This class will be accessible for all levels, while keeping it challenging and uplifting. We will improve balance, flexibility, strength and learning ways to quiet the mind through breath and asana work.
Vinyasa Flow Yoga