Basics of Pilates

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Every Pilates movement, when done correctly, starts in your core (abdomen), stays in your core, and ends in your core. This is the basics of Pilates. A stronger core:
  • Allows a gymnast to hold a handstand and a yogi to hold a headstand
  • Allows the martial artist to kick through a board and a dancer to leap into the air
  • Puts more oomph in your tennis swing, more speed to your run, and more control in your ski slalom
  • Creates power in your midsection and shrinks middle-age spread, helping you to accomplish goals you never before dreamed possible.
That’s why it’s so important that you learn how to move from your core. If you lose the core emphasis, you lose many of the benefits of Pilates.
The videos below discuss the 5 basic principles on which all Pilates exercises are built around.