Pilates Training Sessions

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Under the Guidance of a Certified STOTT Pilates trainer your sessions will include

Working all major muscle groups

Mobilize your spine in flexion, extension, rotation, and lateral flexion.

Focus on core strength and stability.

A well balanced workout which helps improve flexibility, correct muscular imbalances, help prevent injuries, and lengthen muscles. 

Essential level is the beginning of your Pilates training. As clients build strength and endurance, progression is made to the next intermediate and advanced levels. 

The Pilates Body

Private Session

  • The Pilates Body offers private sessions utilizing the Reformer, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, and Stability Chair. Private Sessions offer a workout tailored to your personal needs with in-depth instruction, hands on assistance, and a detailed analysis of your movement potential. Private Sessions are a great way to quickly increase your body knowledge, to find your most efficient and effective coordination for improving muscle tone and flexibility, and to ultimately get the fastest results out of your exercise program. Private Sessions are also a recommended starting place if you are new to Pilates reformer repertoire.
  • One Person Per Session
Private Pilates Training
  • In order to provide you with the best possible training services, and help you decide what types of individual training could most benefit you, we offer 2 levels of Pilates trainers. 
  • A Level 1 trainer has completed comprehensive Mat and Reformer, for teaching beginner thru advanced clients, injuries, and special populations. Training on other equipment (Cadillac, Wunda Chair, etc. ) and specialties is typical. The Level 2 trainer has additional advanced training, full Pilates certification, and more than two years plus of experience. Level 2 trainer may have multiple certifications and degrees, in more than one area of specialty (examples: TRX, Yamuna Body Rolling, etc.)

Duet Session

Duet Session
Mens Class
  • Enjoy the benefit of Private Pilates Training but with the motivation that comes from training with an exercise partner, at a reduced rate! Duet Pilates (2-Person training) is so much fun amd a great way to stay committed to regular workout schedule.
  • Duets work best when you and your partner can commit to the same schedule every week and have similar physical abilities/goals. If you are brand new to Pilates, we recommend attending a couple of Private Pilates Session prior to teaming up for Duet Pilates Training.

Group Reformer

  • A well rounded Reformer Pilates workout focused on strengthening the core and all major muscle groups. Designed to define, shape and tone your body.
  • Exercises on the Reformer improve torso stability and postural alignment while working limbs in a range of motion.
  • You’ll receive an effective, no-impact workout that is also joint friendly.
  • All the benefits of reformer training in a group setting.
  • A great way to experience reformer training at a more affordable price while also meeting new friends.
  • Must have completed 3 introductory sessions before moving into group session