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New Clients – Getting Started!

If your looking on where to start, we recommend the Studio Starter Package which introduces you to Pilates and its basic principles. First, come in for a complimentary private Pilates foundation session. Our certified trainers will discuss your needs and goals, and get you started on the path to success in your practice. Next, our Studio Starter Package offers 3 additional private reformer sessions, where you will learn the essential Pilates exercises which will be the foundation of your practice. Then continue with privates or participate in any of our Pilates based group classes. Lets do this!

The Pilates Body

Under the Guidance of a Certified STOTT Pilates trainer you:

  • Work all major muscle groups
  • Mobilize your spine in flexion, extension, rotation, and lateral flexion.
  • Focus on core strength and stability.
  • Have a well balanced workout which helps improve flexibility, correct muscular imbalances, help prevent injuries, and lengthen muscles.
  • Essential level is the beginning of your Pilates training. As clients build strength and endurance, progression is made to the next intermediate and advanced levels.