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The Nutrition Workshops explore each of the following questions:

The Nutrition Workshops explore each of the following questions:

Are we acting, thinking, feeling and looking how we truly desire?

Are we moving in the direction of our best selves?

Have we reached our goals?

What if we look at what we put on our plate as a means for living a better life, rather than focusing on what we should avoid? This approach to nutrition as a building block for optimal balance helps us veer away from the rigidity of dieting paradigms.

Join The Pilates Body for 4 workshops that will deepen your connection to food as fuel, your hormones, your health, your body and your choices. These workshops will focus on a journey to greater wellness while giving you practical tips and recipes that are easy to implement.  Knowing that processed food isn’t real food, it’s our goal to show you just how easy, delicious, and energizing real food is to your body and mind.

What’s Eating You?

Are you acting the way you want or are your food choices driving your moods? Is what you’re eating fueling or eating away at your optimal wellness? What dieting paradigm are you clinging to that no longer serving your greater good and what is balanced?
The answers to these questions are different for each of us. There is not a one size fits all diet paradigm as we are bio-individuals.
In What’s Eating You Workshop we will break down the importance of each macro-nutrient (fat, protein, carbohydrate) and their purpose as fuel.
We will evaluate diet paradigms and get in tune with the whispers of your body to best design a balanced diet that works.
What's Eating You

What Are You Thinking?

Can you quiet your mind? Are you thinking in circles? Are your sleep cycles off? Are you always hungry even after a complete meal?

Simply put a hormone is a chemical, usually occurring naturally in the body, that makes an organ of your body do something. So, what about those cravings? What do those whispers mean? Healthy hormones are critical to how we think, sleep, play, feel, eat and move through varying stages of our lives such as puberty, childbearing, perimenopause, menopause and beyond.

In the What Are You Thinking? Workshop we will look at how to balance hormones at any stage in your life through what we put on our plate focusing on foods that balance moods, hormones, and cravings. We will look at signs and symptoms of hormone imbalances, further tuning into the whispers of the body as it informs you that things are getting out of whack.

What Are You Thinking?

How Are You Feeling?

Brain fog? High cholesterol? Chronic bloating? Digestive distress? Aches and pains?
Inflammation is the body’s attempt at self-protection and healing. But what about when the body is not efficient with anti-inflammation? Any illness ending in “itis” is an illness born from inflammation and most often lifestyle induced.
In How Are You Feeling Workshop we will look at how inflammation is impacted by digestive distress and hormone imbalances, as well as the signs, symptoms, and implications of chronic inflammation.
How Are You Feeling

Are We There Yet?

When looking forward on our life and wellness, are we heading in the right direction? How do we keep our internal fire stoked through food choices?
In the Are We There Yet? workshop we will look at the big picture of nutritional wellness; with an emphasis on how we keep our metabolic fire burning, how we keep food interesting and tasty, and how to plan-out our menu with nutrient dense food without spending hours upon hours in the kitchen.
Are We There Yet? Nutrition Workshop Series