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At the core of Yamuna are several key concepts:

  • Direct bone stimulation – which improves the quality of bone and rids the bone of excessive impact.
  • Quality and alignment of bone- which determines the quality of muscle.
  • Muscles that need to be worked- from origin toward insertion.
  • The use of mild traction allows muscles and fascia to elongate and unwind.
  • Alignment of the bones first, and then work the muscles to improve bone alignment

Yamuna is about deeply penetrating the body using a ball that allows your body weight to penetrate into a round form that is supportive and safe. The ball provides resistance so the body receives feedback and can respond. YBR is a fitness and therapy practice that combines healing, wellness, and injury prevention. It uses 6- to 10- inch balls to strengthen, tone, and realign the body to assist in fixing all sorts of problems, ranging from sciatica and herniated disks to fibromyalgia and low-back, neck, and shoulder pain. To practice YBR, you lie over the ball and literally roll out your muscles, almost like dough, following specific routines for all parts of the body. The ball applies traction that creates space around joints and vertebrae and lengthens muscles so they can fully release.


Yamuna Body Rolling Classes are 1 Hr long and held in a small group setting. Your instructor will show you the patterns and give verbal cuing. Various areas of the body will be the focus each week and your input on areas for attention is welcomed. Yamuna Body Rolling Classes are the foundation levels of your Yamuna practice. Yamuna Classes are currently offered on Wednesday and Sunday.


The Pilates Body presents our YAMUNA Workshops. The Workshop Series offers in depth and specific body focus. Workshops are typically 1 to 1.5 hours long. Whether you are an existing YAMUNA practitioner, or new to body rolling, these workshops can benefit you.


In 2020 we introduced our next level of Yamuna Workshops to give our clients a more in depth and interactive experience- ANATOMY U. In addition to teacher/trainer Teri, Yamuna trainer Viki will assist in the workshops . The workshops now have a visual anatomy guide via in class projection and two instructors to aid you in the Yamuna patterns. We look forward to educating our clients further in the practice of Yamuna Body Rolling, and continue to lead the way in body sustainability.
Anatomy U
Yamuna anatomy u