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Woodbury MN
As a exercise nut, I have always done things that were tough; running, weight training, body attack, hard core workouts. I always looked at Pilates as something I would never do. As a busy mom, business owner and someone who “thinks” too much. I was worrying about stuff out of my control and getting headaches. Last year I went to Sedona on a retreat to discover that I think too much and a recommendation was given to do Pilates. I couldn’t believe it – me, the hard core, beat up my body, sweat girl- doing Pilates! Sounded so Hollywood!
Then I found Lisa- what a blessing she has been in my life. I have been seeing her for a year now and I’m telling you if you are busy, stressed out, over thinker – you need to invest in your health – mental, physical, and spiritual and heal your life of this disease called overlooking yourself. (or not taking care of yourself – whatever you like) You will learn to breath, connect, relax, and enjoy the life you’ve been given. I never thought I’d do Pilates- now I’d never live without it- thanks to Lisa and The Pilates Body!

Linda F

Woodbury MN
As a 54 year old woman, I have found that Pilates has given me so much more energy.  My mother is a woman who as always had joint issues, and I don’t want to spend my “golden” years unable to walk and move around on my terms.  My husband has noticed a difference in my body which is a bonus!  The trainers are fantastic!!  These women are so knowledgeable and so personable, it makes this whole experience comfortable and friendly.  I highly recommend the Pilates workout no matter what your age!

Emmerson W

Afton MN
As a runner, cyclist, nordic skier, triathlete and general multi-sport athlete, the development and maintenance of core strength and flexibility is important for me to achieve my personal fitness aspirations.  I have found that adding pilates training to my regular exercise regimen is a fun and challenging way for me to reach these goals.  And I could not be happier with the first class, professional and engaging instruction that I receive from Lisa Hein and The Pilates Body.  In only a short period of time of working with Lisa, I am experiencing a significant improvement in my general flexibility, poise and overall core strength.  Through Lisa’s careful and thoughtful instruction, the lower back pain that plagued me for several years due to poor stretching and lack of proper core strengthening has vanished.  I highly recommend Lisa and The Pilates Body to anyone who is looking to take their health and wellness to the next level.

Paula B

Woodbury MN
Pilates Reformer with Lisa is exactly what my body has needed. Pilates not only helps to strengthen your body, but it improves flexibility and lengthens the muscles. I have had hip pain in recent years and Pilates has helped to loosen and strengthen my hips as well as my whole body. Lisa is an expert trainer on the Reformer machine who corrects your posture and breathing throughout the workout to ensure you are getting the full benefit from the exercise. She also has a very personal and motivational way with her clients that makes you feel comfortable and excited to come back for the next session. I highly recommend Lisa Hein’s Pilates Reformer training for anyone looking to do something amazing for their body.

Dawn E

Woodbury MN
Lisa, The Pilates Body owner and instructor, is amazing! She teaches individual and small group reformer/stability chair classes and is incredibly knowledgeable, making my Pilates experience at her studio complete. Lisa focuses on each client by tailoring the workout to his or her needs and areas of focus. She has helped me gain core strength, become more flexible, and improve my overall balance. Lisa has great energy and enthusiasm, which is not only inspiring…but contagious.

Carol D

Woodbury MN
I thought Pilates would be tough but it isn’t! I guess I’m used to strength training where you push everything to the limit until your body screams to stop. Not so with Pilates. Strengthening your core and stretching on the Pilates reformer is an invigorating and refreshing experience. After only two months I’m standing taller and my back feels great. Lisa is extremely knowledgeable about determining my individual strengths and weaknesses and knows just how to create a routine that fits me perfectly.
After only two months I’m standing taller and my back feels great. Lisa is extremely knowledgeable about determining my individual strengths and weaknesses and knows just how to create a routine that fits me perfectly.

Doris Reilly

Woodbury MN
This Place is amazing, I was to the point of giving up and having my back fused and as a last ditch per my back doctor to try pilates.

Mary H

Woodbury MN
Teri Smith is an experienced trainer with diverse skills and expertise in body flexibility, strength,  and movement. You are smart to have Yamuna Body Rolling, as it is the only type of its kind in this area. I have not been to a chiropractor during the last five years. Now I am able to find many of my own body solutions through YBR. I also have found pilates reformer and mat classes that I love. Thank you for offering classes with Teri!