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  • Are you looking for a nutritional reboot and not sure how to start?
  • Are you stuck on the blood sugar rollercoaster looking for the exit?
  • Is your mind running a marathon yet your body isn’t moving?
  • Are you looking to diversify and deepen your already “healthy” diet?
  • Is your midsection clinging to weight regardless of caloric restrictions and exercise?
  • Are you craving knowledge about what “whole foods” really means? [/su_column]Wellness Warriors is based on The Whole 30 and is a 6 week reboot workshop that will help balance blood sugar, weight, and your mind, while recalibrating your metabolism and taste buds. Your body will be your laboratory as you eliminate all processed and inflammatory foods from your diet for 30 days. You will see and live the benefits of eating a whole food diet, allowing your body to reveal how specific foods may be having a negative effect on how you look, feel and live – in ways that you’d never associate with your diet.


[su_heading]Each week we will focus on one or more of the following[/su_heading]

  • The framework for good food standards
  • What is less healthy and why
  • What is more healthy and why
  • Clean cooking, healthy hormones
  • Your gut health and food sensitivities,
  • Inflammation and how it manifests in the body and your brain on food

[su_heading]You will receive recipes, sample clean foods, and gain a deeper knowledge of why it is so important to your overall well-being to eat a whole foods diet and how achievable and rewarding it is![/su_heading]

“I signeOptimized-150717_PilatesBody_0210-e1_webd up for the Nutrition Warriors class not knowing what it was about.  I am so thrilled I did.  I have never taken a
better more informative nutrition class.  It went so fast and am bummed that it ended!  Thank ydownloadou Viki for inspiring me to change my lifestyle.  My blood pressure is now in the normal range and the awesome part is I am dropping weight was well.  And, I am eating awesome foods!  I highly recommend everyone to contact Viki, she will change your life for the better.”

Sandy, Woodbury MN  

6 week workshop begins in January 

Tuesday’s Beginning January 12th thru February 16th (7:15 to 8:15 pm)

Fee for the Nutrional Bootcamp: $175

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