Overview of Complimentary YAMUNA Body Rolling Class

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[one_third]Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR)

YBR is a fitness and therapy practice that combines healing, wellness, and injury prevention. It uses 6- to 10- inch balls to strengthen, tone, and realign the body to assist in fixing all sorts of problems, ranging from sciatica and herniated disks to fibromyalgia and low-back, neck, and shoulder pain. To practice YBR, you lie over the ball and literally roll out your muscles, almost like dough, following specific routines for all parts of the body. The ball applies traction that creates space around joints and vertebrae and lengthens muscles so they can fully release.

YBR ball work improves core strength and releases restrictions caused by habitual movement patterns. “Even if you don’t exercise at all,” says Pilates Body Trainer Teri Smith, “YBR keeps you fit.”



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