6 Week Deep Dive Into Pilates (Virtual)

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6 Week Deep Dive Into Pilates (Virtual)

Get ready to deepen your understanding of the Mat Pilates Repertoire and how to move your body better with the use of the Yamuna Body Rolling method with this 6 week deep dive into Pilates.

Let the Yamuna Balls assist you in dissecting the Pilates mat exercises to enhance your Pilates experience. This 6 week course will lead you to an in-depth understanding of movement, where your restrictions lie and how to rid your body of unnecessary patterns that hold you back in your Mat Pilates Practice.The explorations of these YBR routines throughout the 6 weeks will help you understand the foundation of Pilates and enable you to get more out of mat work and apparatus work. What to expect to learn in this progressive 6 week workshop is how to connect your breath to movement, how to articulate your spine with more ease and how to use your deep abdominals more intrinsically for each exercise by truly diving into the powerhouse of your body. 

The YBR method will enable you to understand the anatomy of the abdominal muscles and help you better connect with these muscles while dispelling misconceptions and common misunderstandings of Pilates concepts. When we work the body in its natural logical order it helps you reorganize your structure and create more space which in return aids in a more effortless Pilates experience. Once you do the YBR routines you will see how much better you perform the Pilates exercises and leave feeling more like a Pilates Expert.

YBR balls needed: Gold, Pearl, Pair of Calf Balls, Pair of Foot Wakers and/or Savers

Delivery Options:

1. Curbside Pickup At Studio
2. Shipped To Your Location (Please allow 4 days transit time to ensure timely delivery)

**This Workshop is offered Virtual via the Zoom platform. After enrolling, a zoom link will be sent to you in your confirmation email.**