Releasing The Psoas (Virtual)

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Releasing The Psoas (Virtual)

Thursday, October 22nd 6:30 PM to7:30 PM

The psoas is the primary hip flexor muscle, a major stabilizer to the spine when seated, connects the upper body to the lower body. and is used while walking. It is a mighty and deep muscle that aids in flexion, lateral flexion, rotation, AND extension of the spine. It also aids in the adduction of the femur and external rotation at the hip.

So what does all this mean??? When left imbalanced it can lead to lower-back problems, weak abdominal muscles, restricted pelvic movement, and lordosis, This class will show you how to work your psoas muscles from origin to insertion. You will release lumbar spine and hip tension. You will find greater ease while sitting, standing, and walking. This class will help you find a deeper activation and connection to your core moving you further along in your Pilates practice.

YBR Balls Needed: Pair of Black/Calf Balls or Advanced Bed Balls