Save Your Face! YAMUNA Workshop

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Save Your Face! YAMUNA Workshop

Save Your Face

**This Workshop is offered In-Studio and Virtual. After enrolling, a zoom link will be sent to you in your confirmation email for those participating virtually.**

Yamuna gives you a revolutionary solution to a beautiful, youthful face. Fight the aging effects of repetitive stress and sustained tension. Yamuna face work gives you the power to stimulate and align bones, activate muscles, increase circulation and tone to reverse the effects of gravity. The face work is also very effective in assisting to minimize issues and pain associated with any ear, nose, and throat issues including TMJ. This workshop will place emphasis around the eye area.

Workshop $35
Faceball Kit $65

Note: Each student MUST have their own faceball kit. Faceball kits can be purchased on-line.

Faceball Kit Delivery Options:
1. Curbside Pickup At Studio
2. Shipped To Your Location (Please allow 4 days transit time to ensure timely delivery)