Thoracic Rotation – Upper Spine YAMUNA Workshop

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Thoracic Rotation – Upper Spine YAMUNA Workshop

Save Your Hips

Thursday August 18th (6 pm to 7 pm)

Offered In-Studio & Virtual

Do you need to counter act the effects of a digital lifestyle or desire more power behind your golf drive or tennis game? Maybe you just simply want to have freer movement in your spine for everyday activities? If any of these ring true for you, this workshop is for you. Thoracic spine mobility is a precursor to optimal health in the lungs, heart, neck, shoulders and arms. Yet, the average person is bound to be stiff and limited in this mid back region brought on by the 21st century lifestyle. These behaviors increase the stiffness of the thoracic spine which then contributes to dysfunction in the adjacent spinal regions. After an hour of using the Yamuna method you will be left feeling the effects of a lengthened, free moving spine that improves your sport activities and overall daily health.